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Why is Bitcoin Evolution a scam?

To be honest, we recently examined an app that advertised a revolution in its name – and the Bitcoin Evolution review offer selected here for review looks suspiciously similar. Are they just clones with different colours and are investors being led around by the nose?

A purple and white look is something we usually only know from the church around Pentecost, and it is known from marketing psychology how such colour tones create tension, confidence and almost magical expectations. Does the self-proclaimed crypto broker Bitcoin Evolution want to rely on mood instead of information here and is that serious enough for trading with not small amounts of money?

Generalities are the first choice here. Bitcoin Evolution lists pictures and graphics that could also have been taken from the television via smartphone and that does not seem very convincing. For example, the well-known cryptocurrencies are shown as coins, some of which do not even physically exist, and the provider simply jumbles up all the familiar terms related to this asset class in a colourful graphic.

Mining, blockchain and algorithm are listed without any informative added value, but absurdly Ripple is also mentioned, which is known to be in trouble with the authorities at the moment because of possible fraud.

The app or website is in English, but the level of the language is not very high and because it is mainly phrases that are to be read, school knowledge should suffice for translating. In terms of content, the crypto provider refers to artificial intelligence, compatibility and the unbeatable algorithm, but provides no depth at all.

If we have a recipe in the kitchen with only the ingredients, but neither cooking times nor quantities, then the dish cooked from it can already be a risk, and Bitcoin Evolution also provides plenty of cause for criticism at this point. The extent to which experiences with the online trading robot are to be taken seriously in this respect cannot be answered seriously, even though the platform tries to do so with the simplest advertising slogans.

Our experience is also not very positive when looking for any kind of customer service. What happens in the case of enquiries and what security level does the platform have at all? We don’t see any seals, licences, certificates and the descriptions of the same content over and over again quickly come across as redundant lack of ideas when reading the entire Bitcoin Evolution app.

Either the praised trading software for cryptocurrencies can really be described as the philosopher’s stone or it is simply a scam – you can only decide that for yourself and the risk seems quite high to us in view of the information presented here about trading.

In addition, the notorious small print on the pages is the largest in terms of volume. While the invitation to register, with the fabulously described advantages of the online platform, contains no references to the risks that are always present in trading, at the end of the page it is explained in detail, in the smallest possible font, that most investors lose money with cryptos. How does that fit together? Wouldn’t it be more serious of Bitcoin Evolution to educate interested traders throughout instead of presenting a clone-like, cobbled-together, run-of-the-mill template that describes highly complex capital trading as a walk in the park? The claim alone that the artificial intelligence built into the algorithm would solve all problems after registration and deposit and let the investment grow without any risk is almost dubious. We want information about the functions, the accessibility at the provider and the level of security that is available for payment transactions and the use of personal data – and do not consider a registration as a bet. In contrast to Bitcoin Evolution, reputable trading platforms have these indispensable aspects in their programme and trading is correspondingly more promising. You get these advantages with the following provider.

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